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Make Your Wine Aisle Stand Out

Enrich your bottom line with wines that sell fast

and keep your customers coming back.

Eye Catching Labels
High-Profit Margin
Save Time & Energy

Being a wine buyer is a big responsibility

With endless samples and options, selecting good wines

can be stressful and overwhelming.

  • Risking stagnant inventory

  • Fearing your wine aisle looks like everyone else's

  • Dealing with inconsistency and disruptive supply

Don't let these challenges stop you from stocking your shelves with

wines that will engage your customers and attract new ones.

Wine Buying Made Simple

Let us be your go-to for a consistent supply of high-quality wines at value prices.

Tasting Hundreds of Wines Weekly

We identify, taste and screen the highest quality from well thought after AVA wines, that your customers will love.

Eye Catching

With the ten-Second rule in mind, our premium packaging stand out with dynamic labels that connect with an array of wine drinkers.

Constant Supply & Consistent Quality

Never run out of stock with high-quality and consistent wines that you can trust and depend on.

Market Pricing

From everyday drinking wines to our top tier premium selections, our wines offer high-value that maximizes your profit margin.


The Team at Cal Wine Trading Co.

Five Generations of Award-Winning Wine Makers.


"We understand the pressure you face daily as a wine buyer!

As a team of fifth-generations winemakers, former wine buyers and creative marketers, 

Our mission is connect your customers with trendsetting wines with High-Value that set your stores apart.

The Team @

Cal Wine Trading Co.

High Praise from Fellow Wine Buyers:

"Over the past 5 years, I have been buying wines from Linda at Cal Wine trading company. In this time, our business has evolved from the odd close out wine to more than 75,000 cases last year. She has continuously brought me wines that are relevant to what I do, and at prices that I can show maximum value to my customers".

Grocery Outlet
S. B.
Wine & Spirit Buyer

"I've had the pleasure of working with Linda and CALWT Co. for a many of years. They have a unique approach to quality minded wines at excellent prices that make it an ideal candidate for our platform. Also the service and proactive approach make it very easy to work with". 

Wine Access
E. D.
Head Wine Buyer

"As an avid wine enthusiast and wine company owner, I am thrilled to share my excellent experience working with Cal Wine Trading Co. Their team is not only highly responsive and professional but is genuinely passionate about delivering the best product in the market. What sets them apart is their willingness to incorporate my input into the final style of wines, creating bespoke experiences that are tailored to my preferences. I am delighted with the high-quality, value-driven wines that we've been able to create together, and the feedback from my clients has been overwhelmingly positive. I couldn't ask for a better partner in this venture. Cal Wine Trading Co. truly excels in what they do". 

Brian David Wines
B. K. 
Certified Sommelier

  "In my 20+ years in the wine retail business, I can honestly say Cal Wine trading company is one of the best companies we have dealt with. Linda is honest, professional and really invested in a partnership (not just a quick sale). They have listened to all our needs and requests and have met them every step of the way, even if they have been a little out of their comfort zone. We look forward to a long partnership with them'.

Michael Taylor, CWE

Director of Adult Beverages

Nugget Market Inc.

We are Proud to've earned the trust & serve,
these Retailers:


Some of our Iconic Private Label Projects

Sam's Club

Russian River Valley, 

Pinot Noir, Private Reserve


Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior Wines

Star Trek-2_edited.png

Star Trek

United Federation of Planets, Special Reserve, Old Vine Zinfandel & Sauvignon Blanc


Hallmark Chanel

Elvis Presley

Christmas Wines

Creativity in Branding that sets us apart.

Final_Vegas_Label .png



An everyday wine for everyone, 

sold at Nugget Market


Big Red

Sold at Costco &

Trader Joe's

Made in America

Sold at

Trader Joe's

Welcome to Fabulous
Las Vegas

Sold in Las Vegas

Get Started:
A simple, Three -Step Order Process

1)  Connect to Request

Reach out to our team to explore options of brands/labels that fit your needs and excite your customers.

2)  Taste & Evaluate

Taste your Chosen samples and confirm that your customers will love them.

3)  Enrich Your
Bottom Line

Stock your shelves with trendsetting wines that sell fast and attract even more customers to your stores.


Are you a copycat?
Don't let your wine shelves look like everyone else's

Instead, engage your customers, lead the market, and set new trends with wines your customers will tell their friends about.

Cal Wine Trading Co.

Enrich your bottom line

CAL-Wine Trading CO
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