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Varietal /Juice Selection

Fine restaurants, wine shops and wine clubs are increasingly turning to private label wine programs as a way to earn higher margins, generate client loyalty and distinguish themselves from their competition.


Popular wine brands have been a staple block in restaurants, hotels, resorts and wine shops. They generate the least profit margin to the operators. House brand wine is a critical branding tool for the owner to earn higher than average margins for bottle sales as well as wine by the glass. Custom private label wines are unparalleled branding tools. Your logo or message will get prime attention, and it will enhance your customer loyalty and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our private label program is unique, it allows you hands on participation throughout the process, any price point, any varietal, and most importantly- consistent quality every year. We will provide you with samples of all your desired varietals, appellation, and price point. Upon making your final decision of the appropriate selection we will guide you through to the next phase of the process.

CAL-Wine Trading CO
CAL-Wine Trading CO
CAL-Wine Trading CO
CAL-Wine Trading CO

Label Design

To produce your own custom brand, you must apply to the TTB for a label permit.  It is a legal process that is made simple- our Compliance Department will file on your behalf and we will guide you through every step of the way.


You can provide us your own label design, or you can use our own graphic design artist to generate a few creative labels that meet the TTB guidelines for your final approval, prior to submitting a label application.​

Upon receipt of the approved label permit we will move on to the final phase.

Bottling / Packaging

This is it, the final phase.

Here you have the option to taste your wine one final time prior to bottling.
You may elect to age the wine longer in your selection of barrels or you can proceed for bottling and packaging.

You have the option to be present on bottling day, if you desire.
Upon completion, the wine is stored and prepared for delivery.

CAL-Wine Trading CO

Please contact us for additional inquiries and to develop a customized plan of action.

Thanks for submitting!

Cal Wine Trading Co.

Enrich your bottom line

CAL-Wine Trading CO
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