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Luxury Wines Made Affordable!

The rolling hills of Napa Valley, infinite rows of vines in Sonoma, the lush fields of Central Coast…Lodi. California’s Wine Country might recall images of stunning beauty, wines of outstanding vintage, and perhaps even symbols of wealth and prosperity. At CAL-Wine Trading Co, wine also means family—yours… and ours.

CAL-Wine Trading CO

Fifth Generation Family Farmers

Our roots go back to 1936. Wine is our life, business and passion, we face its daily challenges as we rise before dawn, nurturing over five hundred acres of planted vineyards with a single objective: to create wine of the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Unlike many other wine producers, we believe that fine wine shouldn’t just be for the privileged. Under the supervision of Steve Sr., vineyard manager, Brett, our winemaker, Mike, assistant winemaker, and our hardworking winery and vineyard teams whose work every day in a quest to maintain: 

Consistent Quality

Constant Supply

Highly Competitive Market Prices

CAL-Wine Trading CO

Herman Walker, Founder 1936

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While we don’t have an unlimited budget and endless resources, we are all blessed with an eagerness to learn and improve. We want to earn a place as your go-to source for all your wine needs. We make quick decisions, we’re flexible, fast to respond and attentively listen.

Your success, after all, leads to ours.

We’re a family with zero tolerance for the status quo. 

Our friendly administrative and marketing team—Mardy, Elishia, Sarah, Maria, Jessica and Linda— are always ready and eager to help make your CAL-Wine experience positive and productive.

CAL-Wine Trading CO
Image by Moritz Knöringer

Our philosophy is simple:

We cut out the middleman, produce wines at high volume to reduce cost, and control quality by making wine at our own winery by our own wine maker and bottle it on our own bottling line with a 1,500-case daily capacity.

Finally, we put it all together with creative label designs and attractive packaging, unique bottles, luxurious label materials and embellishments that ensure our products will stand out on your shelves.

Ours is a story of hard work, persistence, creativity and the desire to compete and lead. We’ll keep at it, working hard to become a leading, dependable and reliable fixture of wine production in California and the USA.

Image by Moritz Knöringer

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We are driven and enjoy our simple corporate structure known to all of us as “Family Pride”!

Cal Wine Trading Co.

Enrich your bottom line

CAL-Wine Trading CO
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